5 reasons why you should be using Apps for online retailers

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5 reasons why you should be using Apps for online retailers

Bigger online retailers like Zalora or Lazada will often offer you to download their app through Google Play or the iTunes store. So why would you want to do this, when you can use their website through your mobile browser? There actually are some perks to using the app from

1. Much better UX

Ever filled your shopping basket with all the things you want to order, only to have them all gone because you exited the site by accident? Or having to constantly resize your browser to be able to see all the products? Even though most webshops offer decent mobile browsing capabilities, the user experience is a lot better on optimized apps. Often image sizes and page loads are compressed in the app, so it takes less of an toll on your phone bill if you aren’t using wifi.

2. Access to Exclusive Vouchers

Let’s be honest, if you are reading this post you just want to know how you can get the best discounts. Because retailers want you to use their app, vouchers for desktop also work in the app, but app-exclusive vouchers won’t work in your desktop browser. So definitly check out the availablity of mobile deals and also the overview of all Lazada vouchers before making your purchase.

3. Extra customer care perks

Sometimes extra perks are offered for customers using the app, for example extra protection when making a purchase. Your mobile browser might get infected with a virus leaving you furnerable for phishing or scammers, but in a lot of cases online stores, like Lazada, offer you 100% buyer protection.

4. Getting updates when you want them

Instead of having to search the internet for vouchers (or of course just going to Voucherpedia;), you will get push notifications every time new promo codes or deals are available. A lot of times the best vouchercodes with 20% discount for example, are only valid for 1 or 2 days. Unless you are checking for vouchercodes everyday you are definitly going to miss these if you haven’t signed up for newsletters or downloaded the app.

5. Tracking your order

Tracking your order is often a lot easier and more reliable. Set up your details once and with a click or tap you can immediately check the status of your order, instead of having to fill in passwords and tracking numbers manually.

So what is your opinion on these apps? Are you using any yet? What do you like/dislike about them? Leave your message in the comments!



July 22, 2016 @ 19:01

I don't like getting the push notifcations


August 3, 2016 @ 18:34

I totally agree with point number 1.. I can access the website faster with the mobile app! love it


November 17, 2016 @ 14:06

Artcelis like this make life so much simpler.

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